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A law firm like no other

It’s the attributes our people bring that make us Baker McKenzie, and what we give them in return that makes this such an inspiring place to develop a career.

About us

What do we look for?

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We're all about celebrating individuality. But there are certain qualities you'll recognise in every Baker McKenzie Trainee Solicitor.

One firm embracing difference

Watch below to understand why thinking differently will be your greatest strength at Baker McKenzie – and how it brings us together to create unique career opportunities.

Meet our people

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What it’s like to work at Baker McKenzie in the words of our trainee solicitors.

Want to hear more about the experiences of our trainee solicitors? Read their stories in more depth.

Meet our people

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There are many ways to launch a career in law with Baker McKenzie. Our Career Planner will help you find the perfect path for you.

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The Baker Boost Grant

We recognise that some of those studying the LPC / SQE course may need extra financial support on top of our standard maintenance grant.

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The Baker Tech Grant

Baker McKenzie future trainees may be eligible to receive an extra £750 to help pay for a laptop or associated equipment / WiFi services to use during their GDL / LPC / SQE course.

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The Baker McKenzie podcast series

Listen to Think Far and Wide, our brand-new podcast for food-lovers and lawyers alike, right now on Spotify. Our podcasts are award-winning, so why not even check out our previous series while you’re at it?

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Our success stories

Jargon buster

Commercial law can seem complicated when you're unfamiliar with the jargon, so we've translated some of the more common terminology into language we can all understand.

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Meet our people

If you want to know what it's really like to develop a career with Baker McKenzie, who better to tell you than the people who already work for us?

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