The people I work with here are hands down the best bit about life at Baker McKenzie. They’re easy-going and friendly, and that makes your job much more enjoyable. Right from the start, when I did the Vacation Scheme in 2018, I’ve worked with people from all over the world, and I’ve always been welcomed and treated like a valued member of the team.

Previously, I studied Law in London and worked as a Paralegal in a bank during my degree. After graduating, I travelled for six months. Being from Italy and having studied in Norway and England, joining Baker McKenzie made perfect sense. The Firm is truly international. If you want global reach in your career, Baker McKenzie is for you. If you’re looking for predictable or traditional, you’d be better off elsewhere.

The clients are another great aspect of life here. You get to work and talk with interesting people. I had client contact in my very first week, which was an amazing experience, because I don’t know how many other places you would get that.

Something else that I don’t think you get everywhere is the Firm’s proactive approach to mental health. I was offered mental health training very early on here, which was a great experience and proves it’s an issue that’s taken seriously.

Even though I’ve only been here a year, I’ve already had so many stand-out moments. I would say my involvement in creating an article that was published has been a highlight. I worked with Associates and Partners and got my name on the article. Getting that kind of recognition meant a lot.

I’ve also worked really hard on a deal with a senior team who were so appreciative and helpful. My involvement in an interesting pro bono project for the UN that focused on children’s rights has also been an amazing experience. It was great to be able to have an impact on all the projects I’ve been involved with. You get a lot of opportunities to do that at Baker McKenzie.