I knew from quite an early age this was what I wanted to do, so after my International Baccalaureate, I studied Law at university and set my sights on a Training Contract with one of the big firms. During my degree, I realised it would be good to get as much real-world experience as I could. So I applied for everything, and in my first year that included an Insight Scheme with Baker McKenzie.

As it turned out, the Associate assigned to supervise me on that scheme played a big part in my decision to join Baker McKenzie. We were only together for a couple of days but he stayed in touch throughout my time at university, and the relationship we developed was far beyond anything I had experienced with any other firm.

The advice and support he gave me was second to none. He was completely honest and transparent about everything – from the application process to life as a Trainee and the culture of the Firm. What’s more, it was clear he was helping me not out of some sense of duty or obligation, but because he genuinely cared about me and my career.

I’m in my final seat now. My first was in Tax, and involved advising high-net worth individuals on structuring investment vehicles. Seats two and three were in Capital Markets and Corporate Finance – both working on bond deals, which was something I really enjoyed. And from there I moved on to Private Equity, where I’ve been working on joint ventures.

I’ve chosen to qualify into Corporate Finance, so in the short-term, I hope to be working on a lot a more of those bond deals I enjoyed so much. Beyond that, I’m keen to keep my options open. Whatever I want to do further down the line, I know the opportunities will be there for me.