Training Contracts

Our two-year Training Contracts turn the most ambitious talent into well-rounded commercial lawyers that make our firm stand out from the crowd. We’ll give you the very best technical and skills training, delivered by our own lawyers, so you’ll benefit from the latest advice and experience in a Baker McKenzie context.

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“The transactional work I’ve done so far has been of a really high quality. We work with a lot of big-name debt funds and large banks on high-value deals – deals that often make the news.” Georgana Christodoulou Trainee Solicitor

First Year Trainee salary


What specific responsibilities do graduates have?

  • Researching for client pitches or projects
  • Liaising directly with clients
  • Writing articles and blog posts
  • Sitting-in on client meetings
  • Preparing agreements, deeds, contracts and other legal documents

Vacation Schemes

Want to know what it’s like to work for a global law firm before you commit to joining? That’s the purpose of the Vacation Schemes we run every year. Our Spring Vacation Scheme is for law and non-law undergraduates in their final year, while our Summer Vacation Scheme is for those in their penultimate year of study (or the second, third or final year of a four-year course) or final year. You can also apply to either Vacation Scheme if you’re already a graduate.

Spring Scheme Summer Scheme

First Year Insight Scheme

Dedicated to first-year university students, this two-day scheme enables you to experience first-hand the kind of work that we do and how a global law firm operates.

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“I first experienced Baker McKenzie on the Vacation Scheme. I saw people in senior positions who represented my ethnicity and my sexual orientation, and I felt that this was somewhere I wanted to be.” Jonathan Tham Associate

International Vacation Scheme

Open to all future Trainee Solicitors the year before they commence their training contract, our International Vacation Scheme is the perfect way to experience living and working in another jurisdiction and culture. It lasts between eight and twelve weeks in one of our international offices, such as New York, Budapest, Sydney and Hong Kong.

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