Application process

So what happens next?

  • Online application

    Our online application form will ask for your complete academic record, work experience, extra-curricular activities and answers to some questions.

  • Online testing

    Should your application meet our criteria, you will be sent links to an online test.

  • Video interview

    Upon successful completion of the online test, you will be invited to a video interview, to respond to pre-recorded questions.

  • Assessment centre

    Our assessment centre consists of a group exercise, a Partner interview based on a case study, a document checking exercise and an Associate interview.

  • Offer

    If you're successful you'll receive an offer (either for a place on our Vacation Scheme or for a Training Contract, depending on the programme you've applied for). You'll have access to the Graduate Recruitment & Development team if you need any support.

Please note that our recruitment process is based on a contextualised system. This enables us to recruit the best people from all kinds of backgrounds, and help us understand your achievements in the context in which they were gained. So, if you show real potential, but don’t quite meet our selection criteria, you will still be considered. We will also take into consideration any mitigating circumstances related to a disability or long term health condition.

Selection process tips

We want every applicant to be at their best during our process, so here are a few tips to help:

Application Form

BE PREPARED – Due to the high number of applications we receive, only approximately 40% will make it through to the next stage. Spend time on your application to display your key skills and achievements and undertake detailed research on the firm so you demonstrate your passion to join us. And don’t forget to check your form before submitting as most candidates are unsuccessful because of attention to detail.

Online Testing

BE FAMILIAR – Ensure that you follow the instructions carefully and complete within the set time frame. Try to undertake as many practice tests as you can to familiarise yourself with the process.

Video Interviews

BE YOURSELF – Talking to a camera can be daunting but it is an opportunity for you to verbally showcase your skills and research. Ensure that you take advantage of the practice questions to familiarise yourself with the process and don’t forget to smile


BE CONFIDENT – You’ve made it this far because you’ve impressed us so show us you’ve got what it takes to succeed here. Make sure your passion and enthusiasm come across. Revisit your research and be ready to share details of the achievements you’re most proud of. Tell us what makes you determined to pursue a career in commercial law with Baker McKenzie. And don’t forget to prepare some questions for us too!


Assessment days

If you're successful at the first stages of the recruitment process, you'll be invited to attend an assessment day. These take place at our London office and are a key part of our selection process for both Vacation Scheme students and Trainee Solicitors. The day will consist of a group exercise, a Partner interview based on a case study, and an Associate interview.

Group exercise

You'll be given a mock business scenario to read through individually before discussing as a group. The task will prompt you to work towards set objectives and we'll be assessing you based on the quality and substance of the contributions you make, in addition to how effectively you work with others in the group.


Case study interview

You'll be given 30 minutes to read through a business case study individually, before meeting with two Partners. The first part of your interview will involve discussing your observations, thoughts and opinions on the case study. Essentially, we're looking for you to demonstrate good commercial instincts, problem-solving skills and the ability to discuss a business scenario confidently and credibly. All of our applicants complete the same case study, regardless of if you are a law student or non-law student.


Competency based interview

You'll meet one-to-one with an Associate, who will ask you to share examples – from studies, work experience or extra-curricular activities – where you've demonstrated some of the skills and qualities which we feel are key to succeeding at Baker McKenzie. In addition to the interviews and exercises, you'll meet with our Graduate Recruitment & Development team and some of our Trainee Solicitors. This will give you a chance to find out more about our culture and the opportunities we offer.


Document checking exercise

Accuracy and thoroughness are key skills that we look for in all our Trainee Solicitors. Lasting for 30 minutes, this exercise involves checking through a document to identify any errors. You won’t need any legal knowledge, just a very good eye for detail.


Applicants with disabilities

If you consider yourself to have a disability or a health condition, any information you share with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. Our aim is to provide you with as much help, support and reassurance as possible.

If your disability or health condition makes it difficult to apply for any of our vacancies via our website, please contact the Graduate Recruitment & Development team on 0044 20 7919 1000 or email Myplus students' club | We're disability confident recruiters, Find out more on MPSC Disability confident committed


International students

If you’re an international Master of Laws (LLM) student, or you qualified overseas and wish to practise in the UK, there could be an opportunity for you at Baker McKenzie.

Bring significant experience in English law, and you could work as an Associate with us while undertaking the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS). View the careers page to see if we have an opportunity for you.

If you have very little or no experience in English law, you’ll need to start as a Trainee Solicitor and complete the equivalent of a two-year Training Contract to get English law experience. You’ll also need to take the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS).

Open Days Opens August 2021
First Year Insight Scheme Opens December 2021
Spring Vacation Scheme Opens October 2021
Summer Vacation Scheme Opens October 2021
Training Contracts Opens February 2022