Posted on 14th May 2021 — Harry Clark

A Day in the Life: Harry Clark

08:30 I wake up and start my day by brewing some of my favourite coffee for the morning ahead and get started on breakfast. In lieu of a commute, I’ll often stick on a podcast as I go, or watch the latest videos and updates that have entered my feed that morning.

09:30 The day begins! I like to start the working day by checking out my calendar and planning out the day ahead. I use my calendar to plan and allocate time for tasks, as well as to jog my memory on any important client calls or deadlines I might have that day.

10:00 Emails have come in from our overseas colleagues in Asia in response to some questions we sent them on behalf of a client last night. I review their initial responses, plan what we need to do next and check-in with the Associate I’m paired with to agree on our approach.

11:00 I have a morning call to run through a new matter I picked up earlier in the week with a Partner and another Trainee Solicitor. We scope out the client’s requests, allocate our work and agree a timeframe to send across our first drafts for review.

1130 I attend an internal department meeting discussing the latest developments in the world of data privacy and minute the meeting for the rest of the department. The group runs through notable legal developments, new client projects, as well as new pieces of business development and know-how work available for Trainee Solicitors.

12:30 Lunchtime! Rather than take a full hour in one go, I like to take a slightly shorter 45 minute break here to stretch my legs, pick up some lunch from my local eateries, or just generally step away from my screen, leaving some spare time later in the afternoon to have another mini-break.

13:30 I’ve been assigned a longer-term project to produce a memo and report on a technical area of law on behalf of a client. I spend some time reviewing resources I’d previously collated, editing my skeleton draft and finalising it ready for review.

16:00 I conduct some additional drafting and researching for a business development project I’m running. I liaise with our various support teams to get some assistance in making the document client-ready, whilst I review its contents and write some additional articles.

18:00 Having closed off (most!) of my tasks for the day, I take a few minutes to look ahead to tomorrow and the rest of my week. I take some additional notes and talking points to raise with my supervisor at our next 1-1 meeting. In the evening, I’ll spend some time on a firm Zoom social with others, tinker away at my podcast side hobby, or sit down to watch another instalment of whatever I’m currently watching!

It’s not a predictable job and every week is a little bit different! There’s always a variety of Trainee Solicitor tasks on your plate week in and week out which keeps each day engaging and exciting.

Harry Clark, second-seat Trainee Solicitor at Baker McKenzie.