Non-law undergraduate – penultimate year

Now is the time for you to really start thinking about what you want from your future career as a commercial lawyer. You should be considering the type of firm you want to work for and the area of work you’re interested in.

Vacation Schemes will provide you with an excellent opportunity to spend time in a firm finding out what life as a commercial lawyer involves. You’ll experience the culture of the firm first-hand, meet a range of people, discover what the career really entails and, most importantly, find out if it’s the right firm for you.

Before making applications as a non-law student in your penultimate year, you should research whether or not you’re eligible to apply for Vacation Schemes at the particular firm you’re interested in. Baker McKenzie allows students in their penultimate year of study (or second or third year for those on a four-year course) to apply for the Summer Vacation Scheme and final-year students and graduates to apply for the Spring Vacation Scheme. Other firms have different policies, so it’s really worth doing your research.

Just as importantly, you should visit law fairs, speak to your careers advisor, engage with the student law society at your university, and attend firm presentations and drop-in sessions. As a non-law student the onus really is on you to get out there and find the information that will help you plan your career.