“The international reach of Baker McKenzie is what made the Firm stand out for me. I loved the idea of working with other jurisdictions and across borders. After further research I was impressed by the quality and nature of the work as well as the impressive client list. Ultimately, however it was the time I spent at the Firm on my Vacation Scheme that made me choose Baker McKenzie. I was able to experience the culture of the Firm, meet people and find out much more about the work.”

Down to business

It was really inspiring seeing the first deal I worked on make it into the press. What’s even more amazing is that, even as a Trainee, I am given tasks that I can control. I’ve worked on international deals and I’ve worked with clients and other Baker McKenzie offices from around the world. What surprised me was how much you can make your mark whilst a Trainee.

The Culture

Baker McKenzie culture is surprising and exciting. For instance, you can always see a big group of the Trainees eating at the same time in the same place every day having a break and catching up. I think it really shows how well we get on. There are other fun little things, like, did you know we have Baker McKenzie branded selfie sticks?

Out of hours

Outside of work I have joined the mixed tag-rugby team which plays weekly in a local league. I have also attended a few diversity events including a BakerWomen networking event and a BakerEthnicity Caribbean themed night. I’d say that my favourite event is the Christmas party though

Pearls of wisdom

From personal experience I would really recommend applying for the Vacation Scheme. Spending time at the Firm in different countries was the best way for me to get an insight into the variety and type of work that Baker McKenzie does, as well as allowing me to meet people and experience the atmosphere. Anyone who wants to work for the Firm needs to be a people person. It’s hugely important. You’ll be spending lots of time working with others and it’s crucial that you’re sociable and a person that colleagues and clients want to be around.

Posted on September 26, 2017