“I chose Baker McKenzie due to a number of positive interactions that I had with representatives from the Firm, as well as the international nature and quality of the work that the Firm does. During my first year at University I attended a graduate recruitment event where I met Trainees and graduate recruitment staff from the Firm. I got on very well with them and they made an effort to keep in contact with me. I found this to be telling of the culture of the Firm – a culture in which I could see myself thriving in. This, made the decision to join Baker McKenzie very easy for me.”

Down to business

The best thing so far has been seeing a transaction that I’ve been working on from the outset come to a successful close. Furthermore, taking part in some of the Firm’s pro bono work which involved giving contractual advice to a charity was great. Other amazing things about the Firm include being intellectually challenged on a daily basis, as well as working closely with incredibly bright individuals.

The Culture

I think that a major part of how your career progresses is your personal development and I think that the culture of the Firm supports this. There is a genuine culture of friendliness, which makes it a very easy place to work. This was a standout factor for me when applying to the Firm and I still find myself pleasantly surprised at how welcoming and interested people in the office are.

Out of hours

What I usually tell people when talking about the Firm is that within my first two weeks of being at the Firm I went to a Caribbean night and I travelled to Berlin to take part in the Firm’s annual international football tournament. The Christmas party was a great occasion too. There was a buzz around the office leading up to the party and when the night finally came it really didn’t disappoint. Socially there is a real Trainee community, with Friday night drinks being a regular occurrence. I have attended a number of the Firm’s diversity events, both before joining as well as during my time here.

Pearls of wisdom

Do your research before applying, as it will show in the application and the interviews. Remember that it is a two way process, so as part of your research, try to meet people that work at the Firm and try to establish whether they are the types of people that you can see yourself working with on a day-to-day basis.

Posted on September 26, 2017