Eoin McGarrity

Studied Law and Politics at Queen's University Belfast

Going places

Waking up in midtown Manhattan every day was a bit of a departure from life in County Tyrone. As part of the International Vacation Scheme I spent my first four weeks in Baker McKenzie’s London office, working in Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property. Given the choice of any of the other 75 offices to work in for the other four weeks, I chose New York. The office has a great reputation in certain areas of Dispute Resolution, but obviously the city itself was a massive attraction.

An Irishman in New York

Although I had the option to sit in different departments, I wanted to sit in the same ones in order to develop my skills and experience the international element of the work. The New York office was full of enthusiasm and energy, but being a lot smaller than the London office, I got a lot of exposure to different work, which I really enjoyed. It was very useful to compare and contrast some of the work I’d done in the two cities; at the end of the two months I had a lot more confidence in those areas.

Eoin’s advice

I think it’s vital for people to complete a Vacation Scheme before a Training Contract. At Baker McKenzie, you’re treated like any other employee, not as a temporary fixture. It’s a taster, an opportunity to see if the Firm’s right for you, and for the Firm to see if you’re right for them.

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