Victoria Kirsch

Studied History at the University of Exeter

Delivering on a promise

When a firm says they can offer a friendly, supportive culture and maintain a good work/life balance without compromising on the quality of work, you might expect them to be over-promising. It was those messages that enticed me to Baker McKenzie and I’ve been so happy to find out that all of it is true. The culture really is friendly, open and supportive.

Home from home

I haven’t been working in the Banking department of Baker McKenzie for long, but I was amazed at how quickly it began to feel like home. I think that’s probably down to how immersive the work is and how great the people are to work with. For someone who has spent almost two years traveling the world, it’s quite impressive that the Firm has managed to make me feel so settled so quickly.

Through BakerWomen I have been able to connect with other female colleagues in different positions throughout the Firm, which has provided me with an opportunity to learn, grow and benefit from their experiences. 

An active community role

One of the things that has made me so proud to work at Baker McKenzie has been the role they play in the community, and the ability for me to get involved. I’ve worked in the kitchen of the homeless shelter, The Connection at St. Martin’s. I’ve also taken an active role in PRIME, which is an amazing initiative to help provide young people from less privileged backgrounds with the experience of working at a top city law firm. 

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