Saskia Volhard

Studied Archaeology & Anthropology at Cambridge University

Trusted to deliver

The tone of working at Baker McKenzie was set during the summer Vacation Scheme I took part in. When I got there I had the most amazing introduction to what life as a lawyer is like. I played an active role from the start and I felt valued straight away. I’m now a Trainee, but I don’t always feel like one! I’m a real part of the team and there have been so many opportunities to be actively involved in the projects I have worked on.

You really do get a lot of independence working here. Help and support are there if you ask for them, but you’re trusted to run with things yourselves. That’s really rare at this level, but it’s made such a huge difference to my development. 

It’s all about the people

I’ve worked on some exhilarating deals already, but the best thing about my job has got to be the people. I love spending time with the other Trainees and Associates. Everyone gets on so well; we’re not just colleagues working together, we’re friends. 

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