Nicole Edwards

Studied English at Leeds University

Standing out

I took part in a few different vacation schemes but, when it came down to it, Baker McKenzie was where I could see myself working long term. That was really down to two things: the supportive culture I experienced during my time there, and the fact that it’s a truly global law Firm. Since I’ve been here I’ve realised just how much of the work we do is cross-border, and that wouldn't be possible at some other firms. Here, though, you can pick up the phone to colleagues in overseas offices whenever you need to. As well as it being extremely reassuring to know that support is at the other end of the line, it’s also integral to the success of our work.

Dispelling perceptions

A lot of people think that law firms can be stuffy and uptight places to work, but that couldn’t be further from what I’ve experienced here at Baker McKenzie. We’ve got a smaller Trainee cohort compared to some other firms, but this creates a collegiate and close-knit feel amongst us. We support each other in a professional capacity, but we also get together at the regular social events that the firm holds. I sit on the BakerMingle social committee and so have a say on the different types of events that are held each quarter.

Nicole’s advice

Apply for an open day or Vacation Scheme and experience life at Baker McKenzie for yourself. I would also encourage you to talk to as many people as possible. I think you’ll be surprised to discover that instead of stuffy, uptight people you’ll meet incredibly friendly and supportive ones.

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